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Smart Engineering

Architectural works emphasis on both functionality and aesthetic appeal. At Shastree we understand that and strive to solve design problems through Innovation, Dedication and Smart solutions through our dedicated team of Professionals.

  • Structural Design Optimization
  • Peer Review
  • BIM Modeling & Clash Detection

  • 3D Architectural Works
  • Preparing BBS Schedule
  • Preparing MEP Drawings, Shop     Drawings
  • Value Engineering & Costing
  • Quantity Surveying & Billing     Services
  • PRE & POST Contract Services

Smart Design

♦  Structural Design Optimization : Structural design includes functional design and design Optimization. The Functional design emphasize that structure should not only fail, but some aspect of structure can also be improved. The Design optimization emphasizes the identification of the best design set from many feasible design sets based on material behaviour accorded with stress, deformation, stabilization, geometrical composition and sympathetic vibration. Any Changes in the structural geometrical dimension, material type etc, which is design variable, can adjust the distribution of design resource within project system then the material can exert its ability. This is the Structural Design Optimization.

♦  Peer Review : Clients in Public and Private sectors have become more educated over the years with regards to cost optimisation. Whether issuing a study, report or doing full engineering design services, Peer review of the project deliverable is a critical quality control step towards a successful outcome. Whether internal or external, a Peer review can catch errors before they become serious problems. Also peer reviewer might be able to provide additional information that could be useful in improving the work.

♦  BIM modeling & Clash Detection : Clash detection is an important and integral part of the BIM modeling process. Clash detection arises out of the fact that, in BIM modeling, there is not just one model, but several, that are, in the end integrated into a composite master model. Each discipline: Structural Engineering, MEP Engineering, Environmental Engineering, etc…, creates a model, independently of all the others, based upon the architects original model, which is the starting point for all the other disciplines. After each of the disciplines has finished their work, the next step in BIM modeling is clash detection, which is the process of finding where the models "clash": elements of separate models occupying the same space, or with parameters that are incompatible, or in BIM modeling, a time sequence that is out of order. Finding these inconsistencies is vital, as they would severely impact the construction process, causing delays, design changes, materials costs and a cascade of headaches and budget overruns.

Smart Architecture

♦  3D Architectural Works : We deliver a spectrum of professional & high quality 3D Architectural Services to help our clients visualize their architectural projects even before the first brick is laid. We partner them by creating highly accurate 3D Models, Photorealistic Renderings and Virtual Tours.

We can handle your architecture projects from design planning, drafting to 3D modeling phase and also provide you with well rendered animations and walkthroughs. If you have your designs ready in form of blue prints or CAD drawings, we can convert them into well defined 3D floor plans and 3D models.

♦  Prepairing BBS Schedule : Bar Bending Schedule or BBS is the most important term in civil engineering. BBS is an extensive list that explains the location, mark, type, size, length and number, and bending details of each bar or fabric in a reinforcement drawing of a structure whether it is slab, staircase or column.

This method of indexing the location, type and size, number of and all other details is called “Scheduling”. In context of Reinforcement bars, it is called bar scheduling. In a nutshell, Bar Bending Schedule is a technique of arranging rebars for each structural unit, giving detailed reinforcement necessities.

♦  Preparing MEP Drawings, Shop Drawings : Preparation of MEP Shop drawings and getting it approved is one of the major challenge of contractors. MEP Shop drawing is one of our core area of expertise. We have a team of highly qualified engineers and draftsmen to prepare shop drawings as per the Clients requirement.

We, SHASTREE TECHNOCRATS PRIVATE LIMITED provide drawings support for our clients in MEP, infrastructure and Transportation departments. As we are a Design service provider for consultants and Design & Build Contractors, we study and execute our drawings with proper analysis of IFC drawings. Our teams raise RFI’s to support the clients to avoid uncertainties and ensure the overall good health of the project.

Smart QS & Contracts

♦  Value Engineering & Costing : As the monetary cornerstones of contract pricing agreements, accurate construction bid estimates are often the lynch pin of a project’s success. As such, SHASTREE TECHNOCRATS PRIVATE LIMITED provides value engineering & Costing services. Whether you seek value-added construction estimates for your current project, you need assistance selecting between multiple bid packages or you simply desire validation of a selected bid before entering into contract, SHASTREE TECHNOCRATS PRIVATE LIMITED professionals have the experience to help you make the right decision.

Developing accurate construction bid estimates requires a comprehensive understanding of project costs and factors that impact project costs, along with knowledge of the estimating process.

♦  Quantity Surveying & Billing Services : As Chartered Quantity Surveying & Billing Services provider, SHASTREE TECHNOCRATS PRIVATE LIMITED is able to carry out the following services directly for its clients:

  • Measurement
  • Project Pre-Contract QS
  • Project Post-Contract QS

♦  PRE & POST Contract Services : Our pre contract services can begin at project inception or beyond and continue up to main contract package tender, working directly for clients, developers, project managers, architects or other members of the project team.

Our post contract services generally begin from when the project has been awarded to a successful project. SHASTREE TECHNOCRATS PRIVATE LIMITED can carry out pre and post contract services under one appointment or these can be appointed separately as required. Our post contract services can be tailored to suit any given project and can involve our support until project completion.



  • Saving in Cost as Optimization in Design is possible
  • Clash detection done to check any clashes between various Engineering works – MEP, Civil, Finishes, Structural etc and can be redesigned appropriately
  • First Hand information of any difficult approaches for execution.


  • 3D Elevation, Plan & Section available for better visibility
  • First Hand information of any difficult approaches for execution
  • MEP drawings in 3D available to check the quantities and also for planning the course of work


  • “FINAL Bill” Possible to be generated during initial stage of the project
  • Complete Quantities of various activities can be determined during tender stage itself.
  • Claims due to wrong design, misconception, clashes between drawings can be reduced
  • Bar Bending Schedule available which can make procurement easy
  • Design Wastages can be extensively minimized
  • Billing can be done easily
  • 3D view of work done can be viewed and planning can be done accordingly.

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